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955 24th St
Denver, CO, 80205
United States

303 653 4091

Processus is a shared place for artists and community members to think and make. It will include a multi-use shop, a darkroom, a clean space and a coffee shop / pop up space. Opening soon! Sign up now!


Denver Community Darkroom, Printmaking, Wood Shop and Sculpture.

Art Services and Instruction

We are currently looking for serious artists to join! Contact us if you a space to work! 



Processus Darkroom with enlargers, film processing possibilities and more

Processus Darkroom with enlargers, film processing possibilities and more

Processus' Etching Press with Viviane Le Courtois. Photo by Christopher R. Perez

Processus' Etching Press with Viviane Le Courtois. Photo by Christopher R. Perez

Processus is the French word for process, evolution; a group of actions with a common goal; a series of events or a succession of methods. Driven by process and ideas, our works reflect timeless actions and methods as we often go back to the basics to find a purpose. For years, we have dreamed about a proper space to work with tools to work across disciplines. We realized that many other creative people were in the same situation. Processus is a place to meet new people and share important ideas, a place that focuses on experimentation and chance encounters.  

Founded in 2014 by artists Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, Processus, the institute for art and life, is a shared space for artists to think, make and collaborate. 

Hours: tuesday to saturday 10 am-6pm, by chance or by appointment.

Location: Processus is located at 955 24th St., Denver, CO 80205, between Curtis St. and Champa St., one Block from RedLine Denver, in the RiNo Art District and the Curtis Park Neighborhood. 

The focus of the shared workspace is to make objects. Filled with useful tools, Processus gives artists the freedom to use a wide range of equipment with one membership, including a beautiful 26” x 48” Griffin etching press. Artists and community members can make things out of wood, create sculptural objects, and make original prints and photographs. Processus is an evolving space that will provide the tools, assistance and advice for creative people to create. We want to bring people together around ideas that are worth making to contribute to the evolution of art and life. 

Processsus shop for wood and sculpture 

Processsus shop for wood and sculpture 

Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, have lived and worked together for over 12 years. They are both respected artists and art professionals in Colorado and beyond. They bring the expertise of all aspects of art, community and life together. They love making objects, growing or transforming things, cooking, walking, traveling, bringing people together and making them think. 

Christopher R. Perez is a photographer with outstanding experience in both contemporary and historical photographic processes. He also has over 20 years of experience in art handling, framing, crate building, and wood fabrication.

Viviane Le Courtois is a conceptual and process based artist working primarily with installation, performance, sculpture, fiber arts, ceramic and printmaking. Most of her work over the last 25 years has linked art, life and people. As art instructor, curator and organizer of participatory projects, she will give an artistic direction to the space.